Top 5 Must Know Christmas Hacks

Christmas is a very joyful holiday which is celebrated all over the world. Families and friends gather together and celebrate this festival. It is all about good food, wonderful decorations, gifts and what not. Planning for Christmas can be a little over-whelming. There is so much to do in such little time. If you want to have the best Christmas this year keeping stress aside.

Here are some Christmas life hacks. The purpose is quite simple; we want you to get all your Christmas jobs done in a fun and relaxed way. Do not stress about tasks and have time for yourself too! It is understandable that the host of every Christmas party has a lot to do. You have to decorate the Christmas tree, wrap all the gifts, choose the perfect menu and decorate your house. A few tricks and hacks can make life a lot easier during the preparation period. Kaymu is providing you with a secure online marketplace where you can get your loved ones the perfect gift this Christmas. Save money and time by getting everything that you need. There is a huge sale for Christmas this year at Kaymu. You can get clothes, shoes, Christmas decorations, ornaments and what not. Make Kaymu your best friend this Christmas. Get everything at discounted prices. Whatever you choose to buy will be delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Sri Lanka! Hope you have a great Christmas!

Electric Candles for Christmas


To avoid hazardous accidents related to fire, this year keep things safe by using electric candles. A lot of people like to decorate their entire house with candles. It shows the true sprite of joy and happiness. On many occasions, people forget to blow out the candles before sleeping. Also the decoration stuff or the tree can easily catch fire. Simply avoid all the mishaps by using electric candles.

Use an Empty Chips Bag as Wrapping Paper for Christmas Gifts

If you run out of wrapping paper or gift bags then a last minute hack is using an empty chips bag. Yes that is right! Take an empty chips bag and clean it with water. Then turn it inside out, you should only be able to see the silver part. Put the gift inside and tie the top with a cute ribbon. There you go, you will have the perfect gift!

Hang Ornaments with Zip Ties

 As much as everyone loves decorating Christmas trees with ornaments. The ornaments always have a string like tie which usually breaks very easily. Not only your ornament would break but you will get frustrated while getting the string in the loop of the decoration piece. To avoid that, you can use zip ties to hang your ornaments. The zip ties are strong and will hold on to the tree firmly.

Make your House Smell Festive

To keep the holiday sprite alive, boil cinnamon and clove in water. The smell of both these ingredients will create a very festive appeal. Guests visiting your house will feel truly welcomed.

Storing Tricks

This is the point where you may get stuck. Storing back all the lights and putting everything back where it belongs can be very stressful. You can use a plastic hanger to wrap all the lights at one place without having them tangled up together.

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