Open This PC instead of Quick Access on Windows 10

It’s a big struggle lately most had to face that the My Computer has been removed like from Windows 7/ Windows 8. It became a frequently asked question from the people who I helped installing OS but even I didn’t know how to fix that (not even bothered to Google). So I used to open File Explorer from Task Bar and click “This PC” from the left side pane. Now the file explorer opens up directly to Quick Access, which is good if you’re hanging your frequently visited folders there unless you’ve energy to browse through directories. By the way recently I accidentally found a way to get our loving This PC view back.From early versions of Windows – Windows 95 was my first and I still love those memories, Urm I didn’t mean 64MB of RAM of my old PC 😛 – we used to click on My Computer from desktop or from Start Menu. Since it has a wider look of all storage devices and its capacities, it comes handy to check if we’re about to get out of space of any other partition or an attached device.

Here are the steps to restore that My Computer aka This PC look:

  1. Open Folder Options. – You can either search from Windows 10 Start Menu or right click on Quick Access Menu and click Options.

open windows folder options

  1. Change Open File Explorer to: – yes indeed, to our bae ?

folder options

Did that help? Leave a comment if you were unable to get that back. Also don’t forget to share about your Old Windows Memories!

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