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Team|RCMwebSince 2010 I’m powering every project handled by Rahula College Web Team. I was added by Budhajeewa bro, who was the Head on that time. He found me on sinhala wikipedia, from a suggestion to use the Rahula College User Template. He interviewed me and joined me.

My first job was to create SchoolNet Website of Rahula College. The Teacher-in-charge of our ICT Unit; Mr. V.V. Dharmawardhana gave that to me, sithija, and another bro who’s the son of Geetha Teacher (music unit). Within a week, other two was disappointed. (But sithija is now active!) I’ve to do that alone. It was completed within several stages and within few months. ( It was officially launched on RCM Annual Art Day 2011. (to be continued..)


The RahulaTV was born on March,2011 and gone to the air with the live webcast of “Battle of Two Cities”. In this task, I met Iro Shan, Udith Shan and Kavindu Buddhika who was the former members of Team|RCMweb. Also Ashen Lankathilake, Akila Ariyathilaka, Nadun Darshana and Dinitha Nadeesha as the first presenters, Sashen Pasindu and Ashan Sanjeewa as the organizers. While the webcast, the Newton’s every law became false with the great aptitudes of our team. That was really TEAM WORK.. which I still trying to learn.



There’s an article about this process on Rahula College official website. Webcasting of “Battle of Two Cities 2011″ and the birth of “RahulaTV”

On the middle of 2011, we planned to do a seminar series for the schools which hadn’t website or somewhat an IT Unit. From this we wanted to make a fund to take up the technology of RahulaTV. But It was froze with some problems. Also our senior members had jobs and got busied. Nowadays, we got some official requests from several schools via our principal Nimal Dissanayake. Then the project came up again.

(SchoolNest website Launch: continued..) On the Art Day 2011, me, Sithija Sahan and our new member who was joined at the end of 2011 to Team|RCMweb, Sameera Senarathne had to do a presentation about the website. So I created a Flash Project, “A dummy of Team|RCMweb Webmaster Panel”. While it was running the audience got a big moral about the pride of Team|RCMweb as well as of Rahula College. They did applause two times within the presentation and It was a very happy moment I ever had!

From the beginning of my life on Team|RCMweb, a big progress happening on Web Team; as well as Rahula College. And I’m trying to Keep it happening. I got (and still having) lots of experience from this stuff as the Head of Team|RCMweb including blames. But this is a great chance I got to learn about the social life! Now most people has confidence about our great work. As our slogan, We’ll Spread the Pride of Rahula College…

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Firstly we Shoutcast Ruhunu Sewaya Commentary but Now we Webcast different events online with video. How is our progress, Thank you very much for creating website.

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