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Le Me eLearning at an eAcademy. [Khan Academy]

While finding a way to learn with my life -My PC- via my best friend who’ve a huge brain -the internet- I just got an virtual Academy. But I amn’t asked from that as this meme! 😉

This website is pretty much better for A/Ls and uppers. This site is a teacher at home with a blackboard, with using white rarely although it’s an non-profit organization, why I really love at all same as Wikipedia. 😀




Had you ever heard this quote by Confucius?

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”

But in this case I would like to change it like this:

“You cannot leave this website without learning something.”

Not only students could learn via videos and practice what they learnt with earning marks as Khan Academy named as “Energy Points” but also Teachers and Parents could track the progress of children.
In this moment I’m having 46,008 after several practices within two days!. 😮

Khan Academy has now created over 3000 of video lessons. People can ask any question at the beneath of the video. Anyone can answer them under moderation and actually it’s a Global Classroom with good friends!
But, this isn’t a social network! (yet ?) 😉

However, The negative is you’ll have to login via Google or Facebook. I used google and they only wanted to take my email address with it. I hope it’ll same via facebook. After registering, you’re ready to claim your badges, points and make your profile and much more..

See my profile in realtime: Thambaru Wijesekara

Also you can help them through translating the video subtitles, donating etc. I started translating most to my mother language, Sinhala as much as I can. They’ve connected with Universal Subtitles for the translations and You’ll also have to register on there to get started.

The academy has full filled with following main subjects, but they have lots of sub-categories :

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities & Other

I mean Science have Biology, Physics and Chemistry etc.

You can have (create) your own goals or work for pre-built and earn badges with taking your knowledge up.

Ok.. then, why do I talk a lot? You can browse and get more than me! Start eLearning now!

Additionally, If I talk about their technical side; They’re using Appspot powered by Google. So that’s how they track how much we spent with their videos (Youtube API). The practise table is by Google Maps API with NASA’s table.

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